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 Welcome to the Top Gun High School Summer Hockey League. 

Few things to remember:

- Covid Waiver
- Bring your own water to every game
- All games at Pilgrim Rink in Hingham

Week 6          
Tuesday Aug. 11th Rink A 8:00PM Colgate Qpac
    Rink A 9:10PM Clarkson St. Lawrence
Wednesday Aug. 12th Rink A 5:30PM Union RPI
    Rink A 6:40PM Dartmouth Cornell
    Rink A 7:50PM Princeton Yale
    Rink A 9:00PM Harvard Brown
    Rink C 6:40PM UVM UNH
    Rink C 7:50PM PC NU
    Rink C 9:00PM BU Merrimack
Week 7          
Tuesday Aug. 18th Rink A 8:00PM RPI St. Lawrence
    Rink A 9:10PM Union Colgate
Wednesday Aug. 19th Rink A 5:30PM Clarkson Qpac
    Rink A 6:40PM Yale Brown
    Rink A 7:50PM Harvard Cornell
    Rink A 9:00PM Princeton Dartmouth
    Rink C 6:40PM NU Merrimack
    Rink C 7:50PM BU UNH
    Rink C 9:00PM PC UVM
Week 8          
Tuesday Aug. 25th Rink A 8:00PM Colgate St. Lawrence
    Rink A 9:10PM Union Qpac
Wednesday Aug. 26th Rink A 5:30PM Clarkson RPI
    Rink A 6:40PM Harvard Yale
    Rink A 7:50PM Dartmouth Brown
    Rink A 9:00PM Princeton  Cornell
    Rink C 6:40PM UVM Merrimack
    Rink C 7:50PM BU NU
    Rink C 9:00PM PC UNH